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11 clevere Einsatzbereiche für die tragbare Powerstation -

11 clever applications for the portable power station

They are toying with the idea of getting into one Power station with solar panel to invest? Not a bad idea! Because whether it's an outdoor adventure in the Alps or a stressful day at work on the construction site - a portable power station proves to be a sustainable friend and helper in a number of areas of application.

But in what areas of application unfold portable energy sources now their full potential? In this article, we provide answers and show you 11 innovative uses for solar panels with power stations. Here we go!

Power station as a smart emergency power supply

OK, admitted: Backup power is probably one of the most obvious reasons you're interested in a portable power station. No wonder. Because the power supply in an emergency is extremely important. Why? Now, you …

  1. … live in a residential area prone to power outages.
  2. ... live in an area that is particularly affected by storms such as e.g. B. storm or flood is endangered.
  3. ... would like to remain able to act in a general emergency.

one thing is certain: The higher the capacity you choose, the more energy you have as a reserve in an emergency. The power station from SOUOP offers enough energy to continuously charge smartphones and laptops for several hours and is therefore ideal for short-term use.

Need more reserve power? No problem. In that case, simply upgrade and grab it SOUOP 2400W Powerstation. This portable power source delivers a capacity of 2232Wh and gives you the ability to charge 13 devices simultaneously. This power station is therefore particularly suitable for power-hungry devices such as refrigerators, coffee machines, microwaves, televisions, teapots and lamps.

Notstrom? Check. Let's continue with point 2 on our list - outdoor fans in particular will get their money's worth here.

Practical energy source for the next camping adventure
Camping is a great opportunity to take a break from everyday stress. Fortunately, camping fans no longer have to do without the amenities of modern life.

Thanks to portable energy sources we can now decide for ourselves whether we want to stay in touch with the digital world during our camping adventure or whether we want to pull the plug. Because one Powerstation offers you sustainable, reliable access to electricity - no matter which part of the world you pitch your tent.

Thanks to Solar panel with power station self-sufficient camping is child's play in the 21st century. Because you can feed the hungry batteries of all your tech gadgets carefree during your camping trip by using clever solar energy.

Your next camping adventure is thanks Powerstation In terms of energy, therefore, secured – and 100% green.

Portable source of renewable and clean energy

The future of our planet depends on us moving away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy. This may sound dramatic, but it corresponds to reality. But there is good news!

Because you can do your part to make the world greener and save money at the same time. By using solar energy to charge your own portable power station.

With the solar panel you catch the sun's rays at the best angle all day long to supply the battery of the SOUOP with renewable energy via the USB-C connection.

Don't need any energy right now? Then simply charge the power station outdoors using the solar panel. As soon as you need electricity again, you can use the mobile energy source flexibly and independent of location.

With the right planning and organization, you can generate solar energy all day long and are completely independent of the local power grid. Use solar power yourself without feeding it into the grid from the outside can be so easy!

Reduce dependency on the electricity grid

Freedom is a great feeling. Reducing dependence on the electricity grid is therefore an interesting idea. Precisely for economic reasons.

Some electricity suppliers charge higher rates for energy usage depending on the time of day. Peak times are generally between 8am and 10pm. As soon as the network is more heavily loaded, it is therefore more expensive to use it.

A portable power station can serve as a smart replacement during peak load times to reduce consumption of the conventional power grid. You can supply yourself self-sufficiently with self-produced solar energy and even save money - a classic win-win situation.

Smart alternative to gas generators

Gas generators certainly have their uses and advantages. However, there are also some serious disadvantages. Gas generators not only emit unpleasant noises and toxic fumes. Due to the large and bulky construction, transport is also almost impossible.

The perfect alternative? One portable power station. It supplies enough electricity to operate most of your household appliances and thanks to the solar panel produces green electricity. The cumbersome storage of petrol is now a thing of the past.

In addition, the power station scores with its flexible use. In contrast to the gas generator, a portable solar power plant can be used indoors without any problems.

Scalable energy for mobile homes

Do you often go on tour with a mobile home? Then you know that flexibility is the be-all and end-all. Because most mobile homes have several sockets, but not an unlimited power supply.

When you connect many devices at the same time, there is always a risk of blowing a fuse. To prevent this, you should connect some devices to a portable power source connect. This allows the battery in your motorhome to take a deep breath.

Incidentally, protecting the battery is particularly important on hot summer days. Because here the air conditioning usually runs at full speed. Thanks to Solar panel with power station the next tour with the mobile home is guaranteed to be flexible and energy-efficient.

Good vibes on family outings

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become indispensable on long car journeys. Because they provide the necessary entertainment. The problem: Batteries are power-hungry and often die when driving for several hours.

Luckily there is a practical solution to avoid boredom during the trip. Portable charging stations, like the Anker 521, ensure that all your mobile devices are reliably supplied with power.

Car emergency tool kit

Whether you drive long distances in your car or not. Smart gear comes as standard to be well prepared in the event of a roadside emergency. So how about adding a portable power source to your security package?

The portable power station by SOUOP is supplied in different versions: 600W, 1200W, 1800W or 2400W. In addition to being able to charge mobile phones, the mobile power stations are equipped with built-in LED flashlights. This allows you to send out conspicuous distress signals to oncoming vehicles.

But what if the car battery goes on strike and there is no help in sight? In this case, too, you don't have to worry. Because the power station can slowly recharge the car battery so that the journey can continue quickly.

The outdoor office is no longer a dream

Home office is really nice. But how about a zoom meeting in your new outdoor office?

The future of work is increasingly taking place in nature. The portable SOUOP power station makes it possible. Whether it's a cozy little place in the shady city park or a picturesque view of the beach promenade - a refreshing working day in nature is guaranteed.

Thanks to green solar energy, laptops, smartphones, monitors and WiFi repeaters are easily supplied with electricity all day long. Escape the stuffy office and stay productive at the same time.

The dream for location-independent working

If you want to work flexibly and independent of location, you should look for a portable power source don't do without a lot of power.

Energy-guzzling tools, rechargeable batteries and LED lighting can thank you Solar panel with power station easily and quickly supplied with energy. So it doesn't matter where your work is waiting for you. The annoying search for site junction boxes and the time-consuming unrolling of cable drums is finally a thing of the past.

The insider tip for open air events

Honestly? The barbecue or the open-air party only becomes a highlight with the right music. One portable power source is the perfect way to power up your next outdoor party. Because mobile power stations even reliably supply high-performance speakers with electricity.

And thanks to the power station, exciting film evenings outdoors are also possible without any problems. Simply connect the Nebula projector to the portable power station, set up the screen, prepare the popcorn and start filming! Oh, and don't worry: the power station's battery life also lasts through Tarantino films.

And? Fancy enjoying the many benefits of a portable power station? Then visit our shop directly!

Do you have tips for other areas of application? Then simply write us your creative idea in ours Community Group on Facebook and let's discuss it. .

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