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Stromversorgung auf Berghütten. Klimafit in die Zukunft. -

Power supply to mountain huts. Climate fit in the future.

The power supply in mountain huts is an important factor for the comfort and safety of residents and visitors. Until now, mountain huts have often been powered by combustion generators, which are expensive and harmful to the environment. An alternative solution is to use mobile power supply systems that rely on solar energy and battery storage. These systems offer high flexibility, independence and sustainability and are simpler and more user-friendly than fixed systems.

In this post we explain the pros and cons of power supply in the mountains. Let's get started.

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Power supply on mountain huts

Power supply at mountain huts is often a challenge. The huts are located in remote areas where it is difficult to maintain a reliable power supply. In the past, gas and gasoline generators were often used to meet electricity needs. However, these generators are unreliable, noisy and disturb nature and are an odor nuisance.

The previous solution: combustion generators

Until now, combustion generators have been used in mountain huts to meet the electricity demand. However, these generators are high maintenance, addictive and emit pollutants that harm the environment. They are also noisy and disturb the peaceful ambiance in the mountains.

Why you should rely on battery solutions with solar energy

Relying on battery solutions with solar energy to improve the power supply in mountain huts is now technically feasible. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly and inexhaustible source of energy. The energy can be harvested by solar panels during the day and stored in batteries for use when the energy is needed. This reduces the degree of dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to decarbonization in the mountains of Austria.

There are some good reasons why mountain huts should be equipped with a mobile power supply. Here are some of them:

  1. Flexibility: A mobile power supply offers a high level of flexibility as it can be used wherever power is required. This is especially useful for mountain huts that are in remote areas and difficult to access.
  2. Independence: With a mobile power supply, mountain huts can become less dependent on the public power supply. This can be particularly useful in areas where the public electricity supply is unreliable or non-existent.
  3. Sustainability: Many mobile power solutions use renewable energy sources such as solar energy to generate electricity. This helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contributes to decarbonization.
  4. Simplicity: Mobile power solutions are often simpler and easier to use than fixed systems. They can be easily transported and set up, which makes it easier to set up a power supply on mountain huts.

Overall, a mobile power supply offers many advantages for power supply in mountain huts, especially in terms of flexibility, independence, sustainability and simplicity.

We make you more independent with our systems!

If you are willing to invest in a more sustainable and self-sufficient power supply for your mountain cabin, we recommend that you purchase our power stations and solar generators. As an Austrian company, we have the knowledge and experience to help you implement your energy transition plans. We're happy to advise and also find a local electrician to work with to ensure your mobile power supply is running efficiently and reliably. Invest today in a greener future for your mountain cabin! is an Austrian importer for power stations and solar generators. We rely on specialist partners and regionality.

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