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Powerstation mit Solarpanel als Notstromaggregat -

Power station with solar panel as emergency power unit

A power station with a solar panel is ideal for emergency power supply. Due to the advancing climate change, natural disasters are increasing - this fact increases the probability of a blackout.

In order to be able to reliably operate important electronic devices such as smartphones and refrigerators even during a power failure, you should start thinking about an alternative power supply at an early stage.

A power station is a great backup power source. Because the innovative technology of a power station ensures reliable bridging in the event of a blackout. In addition, you can charge the power station at any time thanks to solar energy and thus benefit from free, green energy.

Battery Backup - here

Emergency power thanks to the power station with solar panel

Whether storm, flood or political dispute. There are many reasons for a power failure. In critical situations, the local power grid may fail for a longer period of time. 

With an emergency generator, you can supply your electronic devices with energy even during a blackout. A power station with a solar panel also produces green electricity completely free of charge and scores with a modern lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4). 

You can find more interesting details about the LiFePO4 battery in this article.

The huge advantage of a power station with a solar panel? As long as the sun shines, you can produce and release solar power wherever you need it.

Power station with solar panel: ideal for leisure activities

Of course, the end of the world is not the only scenario where a power station with a solar panel is useful. 

Outdoor fans in particular have recognized the added value of a high-performance power station with a solar panel. Why?

A power station is ideal for:

  • camping trips
  • Festivals
  • Roadtrips
  • Handyman
  • communities
  • Security

In all of these situations, a portable power station can reach its full potential. Why? Because a power station with a solar panel provides reliable power for mini fridges, electric coolers, speakers, telephones and many other devices. 

The mobile power supply for on the go

Whether in your own mobile home, van or on the boat - solar generators are an uncomplicated and reliable source of electricity when you are on the road a lot. 

Thanks to the ease of use of portable power stations, you do not need any knowledge of electrical engineering and can set up a grid-independent power system in no time at all. 

The portable power station offers a variety of connection options

With a portable power station you can easily supply your mobile workplace with energy. In addition, the mobile energy source offers green electricity for your interior lighting and also easily operates your refrigerator, mixer, television or gaming console.

But for which devices can solar generators now reliably supply electricity? Well, the borders are fluid. Some solar generators are like marathon runners, who don't deliver a lot of electricity at once, but can last for a very long time. Others are more like sprinters, which can deliver a lot of power but don't last very long.

Wondering what type of power station is best for your use case? The first step is to determine your energy needs. 

In this article, we explain how to calculate your individual energy requirements. Be sure to stop by here if you don't yet know exactly how much energy your future power station will have to supply. 

You can then choose the right power station for your individual needs in our online shop. 

Conclusion: A portable power station is ideal as an emergency power supply

In this article, we have shown you how you can cleverly use a portable power station as an emergency power supply. In this way you can supply your electronic devices with energy even during a long-lasting blackout.  

A portable power station isn't a great companion during a power outage, though. The mobile energy source also ensures the necessary independence from the local power grid for your next camping adventure. Self-sufficient camping becomes child's play!

It is best to visit our online shop directly. Here you will find exactly the portable power station that really suits your individual needs.

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