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SOUOP Powerstation kaufen: 7 Faktoren, die Sie vor dem Kauf beachten müssen -

Buy SOUOP Powerstation: 7 factors you need to consider before buying

There are many valid reasons why you should invest in a quality power station. In the first step, however, you should of course inquire very carefully about the various functions.

To help you make the right purchase decision, we will give you the 7 most important factors in this article.

Volume of the power station: The SOUOP power station is very quiet

One of the biggest selling points for a power station is certainly the low volume. Compared to conventional gas generators, modern energy sources with solar panels can clearly score points.

The power station from SOUOP is extremely quiet in operation. So you can easily use the energy source at home or on a camping holiday without disturbing those around you with loud operating noises.

Easy to use: The SOUOP power station scores with user-friendliness

“Plug-and-play” is also an important issue for energy sources. In contrast to the classic gas generator, a power station is immediately ready for use and does not have to be laboriously maintained. In addition, the components of a portable power station cannot be moved - this increases the service life and makes it easier to use.

Generate environmentally friendly energy: A power station supplies your devices with green electricity

The SOUOP power station is a lot more environmentally friendly than conventional gas-powered models. Would you like an example? With the SOUOP 1800 Powerstation you can reduce CO₂ emissions by almost 113 kilograms – the equivalent of planting five trees a year.

In addition, you are not dependent on the purchase of fuel and accordingly save money. Because a power station with a solar panel produces 100% green solar energy free of charge.

High security: A SOUOP power station offers high security standards

You should never lose sight of the safety factor when buying a power station. When it comes to flammability, you don't have to worry about anything with a modern power station. Because compared to gas generators, the SOUOP Powerstation is operated with an innovative lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4).

In this article, we explain exactly how this type of battery differs from other models.

High investment: A solar generator requires high upfront investments

When buying a power station, you should consider the sometimes high upfront investment. The average price for a high-quality solar generator is around 2,000 euros.

That's a lot of money - but if you look at the prices for conventional generators, this investment is similarly high. 

Those who opt for a power station with a solar panel usually save money in the long term. Why? Because the average cost of a natural gas generator is between 1,900 and 5,000 euros, while the average cost of a solar generator is between 300 and 5,000 euros.

In addition, you should always keep the operating costs in mind in advance. The crucial point? Operating a solar generator saves you ongoing expenses for fuel. 

Dependence on the sun: They only generate electricity when the sun is shining

This is one of the general limitations of solar energy. Solar panels can only collect energy when the sun is shining.

But remember that nowadays there are already portable power stations with solar panels that you can place individually to use solar energy even in shady places.

In this article, we will go into detail about the portable power station.

Battery size: A power station usually offers relatively small battery capacities

It is important that the power station offers a much lower capacity than large solar systems for private households. That's why it's usually not a good idea to use a power station to run the whole house.

In our online shop you will find various power station versions with high-quality batteries.

You now know which 7 factors you absolutely have to pay attention to before you buy a power station. Now we'll show you how to find the ideal portable power station.

How to find out which portable power station you really need

A portable power station is a real all-rounder - portable energy sources with solar panels are particularly suitable for outdoor fans.

Because a power station with a solar panel reliably supplies you with green, green electricity during your camping adventure. Self-sufficient camping becomes child's play.

SOUOP devices are even powerful enough to power RVs, vans and cabins. It is best to take a look around our online shop if you are looking for a reliable companion for your next camping adventure.

The best thing about a portable power station with a solar panel is that you never have to worry about running out of fuel again. Because as long as the sun shines, the portable solar modules reliably produce solar energy.

And at home, a portable power station also serves as a great backup to the conventional power supply. Because you are ideally prepared for unexpected power failures and can charge and operate your electronic devices even during long-lasting blackouts.

It is important to remember, however, that the batteries in a portable power station are not designed to run an entire home for long periods of time. A power station is more of a backup in an emergency.

How do I choose the best portable power station for my needs?

In order to find the best power station for your individual needs, the first step is to find out how much energy you actually need.

In this article, we will show you how to determine your energy requirements.

Conclusion: In order to find the ideal power station, you should definitely include all 7 factors in your purchase decision

In this article we have introduced you to 7 essential factors that you should definitely consider when buying a power station. In addition to the volume of the power station, make sure that it is easy to use. 

Would you like to camp independently with the solar generator? In this case, a compact, portable power station with a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) is ideal. You can cleverly expand this with solar panels to reliably produce solar power on the go. 

In our online shop you are guaranteed to find the ideal power station for your individual needs based on the 7 factors presented.

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