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Tragbare Powerstation im Wohnmobil: Autark campen war nie so einfach -

Portable power station in the camper: Autark campen was never so easy

Finding the right camping power station can be quite difficult. Because for your next outdoor adventure, you need a high-quality and above all reliable portable energy source. We know that choosing the right power station is not easy - and we have good news for you:

In our Powerstation online shop you will find the best selection of portable power sources in different sizes. With our products you can make optimal use of solar energy to reliably supply all your devices with electricity on your next camping adventure.

In this article, we'll show you what you need to consider when choosing a portable power station for your next outdoor adventure. Here we go!



Portable power station for the motorhome: what exactly is that?

One portable power station with solar panel works in the same way as a solar powered light. So you can camp independently and easily supply your power station with solar energy via the supplied solar panels. 

The daylight provides free energy that is stored in the power station's batteries. You can then use this solar energy to power all your electrical devices.

Modern portable energy sources are distinguished primarily by their compactness. So you can easily take the power station with solar panel anywhere. This makes the power station the ideal companion for mobile home owners. Because you not only benefit from free solar energy, but are also independent of the local power grid. 

In the next section, we'll take a look at the different types of portable power sources for your RV.

Portable power station for the mobile home: You should know these types

There are two options when choosing your power station: permanently installed and portable

Which type of power station you decide on in the end depends heavily on your individual needs. Above all, the specific energy consumption plays a major role.

In this article we have shown you how you can cleverly determine your individual energy consumption yourself.

Basically: The more devices you want to operate or charge with your power station, the more power it should have.

If you camping independently you should definitely choose a portable power station. We will explain exactly why in the next section.

Self-sufficient camping: The portable power station reliably supplies you with green solar energy

Unlike stationary generators, the portable power station is lightweight, compact and ideal for spontaneous camping trips in the woods with family and friends.

Our portable power station and solar solutions can be put into operation immediately after purchase and does not have to be installed first. Here are a few advantages of the portable camping power station:

  • Powerful LiFePO4 battery
  • fully recharged shortly
  • Clear and large LED display
  • Sustainable protection against heat and overcurrent
  • Portable and easy to store

You see They see: A portable power station is perfect for outdoor lovers who like to camp self-sufficiently, live environmentally friendly and want to be independent of the local power grid when travelling. A portable energy source with a solar panel is therefore the perfect travel companion in your motorhome - Click here for the camping solutions.

We have specialized in the needs of mobile home owners and therefore offer you the best portable power stations for your next camping trip in our power station online shop.



Portable power station: A multi-talent for outdoor use

A portable energy source can be used in many ways in the motor home. Of course, if you use solar energy and store it in a power station, you are independent of the local power grid. But that's just one big advantage of the power station with solar panel.

Self-sufficient camping becomes a luxury with a portable energy source. Because all your electrical devices can be powered by clean solar energy throughout your camping adventure.

Have you set up camp in a remote forest area in Norway and want to power your smartphone and laptop? Thanks to the 230V power station, this is easily possible. You also benefit from built-in lights and fans with high-quality power stations. A power station not only functions as a portable energy source, but is a true all-rounder when camping. 

But not only outdoor lovers have been using mobile energy sources for several years. More and more people are getting a portable power station to power their home in an emergency.

In this article, we will show you why more and more people are using solar energy to become independent of the local power grid.

Conclusion: Self-sufficient camping is easier than ever thanks to the Powerstation 

In this article, we showed you why a portable power station is the perfect companion for your next camping adventure. Because thanks to the portable energy source, self-sufficient camping is easier than ever. 

Are you planning your next camping trip and want to use the portable power station as a green energy source? You are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your individual needs in our online shop.

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