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Tragbare Powerstation: So dient sie als zuverlässige Backup-Batterie -

Portable power station: So it serves as a reliable backup battery

The portable power station is increasingly used as a backup battery. Thanks to advances in technology and increasing reliance on electronic devices, reliable backup batteries for Handyman and Outdoor-Fans more and more interesting. 

For many people, the portable power station also in the event of a power failure as practical emergency power supplyto keep important devices running. However, there are many other ways to use the portable power source.

one thing is certain: A portable power station is the ideal battery backup solution for the home or office. In this article, we will show you how to best use the advantages of a portable energy source.

The portable power station on a camping trip

That's why the portable power station is so important

Imagine the following situation: You are on a camping trip in Scandinavia and decide on a secluded pitch in the forest. After a while you realize that there is no connection to the local electricity grid and most of your electronic devices are almost discharged. Not exactly the best starting position, right? 

In such a situation, it would be great to be able to fall back on an independent energy source. You probably already guessed it: this is where the portable power station comes into play.

Thanks to the different sizes, you have the choice to find the right capacity. Although the smaller power storage devices do not deliver the same energy as a conventional generator, they are still a good option in a bundle for the situation described above.

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Below we present various situations in which a portable power station is worth its weight in gold:

  • Self-sufficient camping: When camping it can be difficult to find a working charging station. Especially if you are not traveling with a well-equipped RV or camper. In these cases it is good if you have a portable power source on board. This ensures that all your devices (e.g. smartphone, laptop, blender, mini fridge, ...) are supplied with electricity even when you don't have access to the local power grid.
  • Location-independent work: Working remotely and need to charge your laptop? One portable power station provides you with reliable energy so that you do not have to interrupt your work. With a portable power source, you can easily charge all your electronics and not depend on any other power source. Those who travel a lot can also use the portable power station as emergency equipment in the car. 
  • helper in case of emergency: Have you ever thought about a longer blackout? How exactly does the emergency power supply in your home look like? If the power goes out and you need lights or some electrical equipment, a portable power station is the ideal helper in an emergency.
  • Power supply on site: A modern portable power station is rechargeable. The environmentally friendly helper therefore serves perfectly as a "mobile construction site power box". If you're working on the construction site on a beautiful summer's day, you can simply place the portable power station in the sun and charge your drill's batteries with green solar energy.
  • Perfect for a picnic in the forest: A portable power station is characterized above all by its compactness. So you can use the portable energy source not only at home, but also at a picnic in the forest to supply all your devices with clean energy. 
  • Your location-independent socket: Whether it's an old shed in the backyard, a dark attic or a soccer field - in some places sockets are rare. The portable power station serves as your location-independent socket and reliably supplies you with energy in every situation.

Who should use a portable power station?

Thinking of buying a portable power station? Good idea! In the previous sections we have already mentioned some advantages of the portable power station. Especially if you work a lot on the go or are a nature lover, a portable power station is a must.

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Portable energy sources make outdoor life a whole lot easier. Because with a high-quality power station, you can supply all your devices with energy independently. Do you regularly go on trips to remote areas? Then you should take care of a reliable energy supply in advance. This is the only way to ensure that your smartphone, coffee machine and e-bike are always ready for use.

Of course you can also use a conventional gas generator - but let's be honest? The noise level of classic generators is sometimes immensely high. This can quickly spoil the relaxed mood around the campfire.

In this article we will take a closer look at the difference between a power station and a classic generator.

Okay, thanks to the power station, self-sufficient camping is no problem. But when the camping adventure ends, most people have one thing on their agenda again: work. 

And here, too, a portable energy source offers enormous potential. Because anyone who works on construction sites or in the workshop benefits twice over from a portable power station:

  • No more waiting for free sockets in the site power box or unrolling the cable drum over several floors
  • Work worry-free and without interruptions thanks to the power station with solar panel

And you are also prepared for a power failure. Depending on the size of the portable power station, you can keep all your important devices such as a smartphone, light source or laptop running during a blackout. This way you are guaranteed to stay in touch with friends and family and get through the emergency situation unscathed.

Would you like an example? The SOUP 1800 (1488Wh capacity) can charge your smartphone more than 130 times or keep a mini fridge running for 26 hours. In an emergency, you can be reached for weeks. In addition, you can use solar energy to recharge.

Is a portable power station just a big battery?

No. A portable power station not only supplies energy, but can also fill up with green energy using solar panels. The solar energy is then stored in the battery and forwarded to your devices safely and efficiently. So you can use solar energy and at the same time supply all your devices with solar power.

Power station vs. power bank: What's the difference?

A portable power station scores with a higher capacity and practical 230V sockets to which you can connect all your devices. Power banks usually only have USB ports. A quality portable power source can also power devices that would normally plug into a wall or 12V car socket. A power bank cannot provide this power. 

Portable power station as backup battery: Your benefits at a glance

If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, you already know the importance of good preparation. A portable power station can be a great addition to your emergency kit. 

Below we have listed some advantages of portable power station as backup battery:

  • If the mains goes out, you have a reliable power supply.
  • Even without electricity, you can easily charge your devices thanks to the portable power station.
  • A portable power station can ensure the operation of various devices (e.g. electric grill), so you can meet your basic needs even during a power outage.
  • Portable power plants are compact and therefore easy to transport - so they can also be easily carried along in the event of an evacuation.

So one thing is certain: Having a portable power station as part of your emergency kit gives you peace of mind that you have reliable power in the event of a power outage. 

You want to play it safe? Then find the best power station for your individual needs today. 

How to choose the right portable power station for your needs

Are you wondering what you should definitely pay attention to when buying a power station? Below we show you the 4 most important factors to consider when choosing a portable power station:

Capacity: How much electricity do you need? Portable power stations come in all sizes. From small units that can charge a few devices to larger units that can run power-hungry devices for several hours. As a first step, think carefully about how much electricity you really need. In this article, we will show you how to cleverly calculate your electricity requirements.

Connections: What connections does the power station have? Most models offer multiple USB ports as well as an AC and a DC connection.

Duration: How long does the portable power station have to run at a time? Some devices give up after just a few hours. Others run for days. Although the running time is also influenced by the devices you connect, you should think about the stamina of your new power station in advance.

Mobility: Need a portable power station that's easy to carry? Or is compactness not so important to you? When camping or other outdoor activities, mobility is the be-all and end-all. As a nature lover, you should make sure that your future power station is light and compact.

Conclusion: A portable power station ensures independence and mobility

The portable power station has developed into an all-rounder in recent years. In this post, we have shown you in which situations you can use the portable power station and what advantages it offers.

An essential point is that the portable power station is not only an ideal companion for the next camping trip, but can also serve as a reliable emergency power supply. 

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