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Zusätzliche Stromversorgung auf dem Boot. Klimafit in die Zukunft. -

Additional power on the boat. Climate fit in the future.

Electric motors on boats are becoming increasingly popular as they offer an environmentally friendly and quiet way to explore the waters. But how do you ensure that the electric motor is always supplied with sufficient power? This is where power stations and solar storage come into play. In this article you will learn about the advantages of these solutions for use on boats.

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Added value of a power station on the boat:

A power station provides an independent power supply for the electric motor on the boat. If there are no sockets nearby, you can still operate the motor. With a power station, you can dock the boat anywhere and use the engine. You can also use the power station for other devices such as stand-up paddle boards and smartphones. Thus, the power station is versatile and offers a flexible power supply for all your needs on the boat.

Added value of a solar storage tank on the boat:

A solar storage tank is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to power the electric motor on the boat. They use the sun's energy to power the engine and other equipment. As a result, there are no emissions and the environment is protected. The solar storage can supply the motor with electricity even when there is no sun, thus ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. In addition, you can save money in the long term with a solar storage system because you have to buy less electricity from the grid.

Added value for fishermen:

Electric motors on boats offer many advantages for fishermen. They are very quiet and produce no exhaust fumes. As a result, the fish cannot be scared off and the environment is protected. Since electric motors on boats usually require less power than petrol engines, they can also be operated for longer. This means fishermen can extend their fishing time on the water without worrying about refueling.

Tackle power supply for E-Botte

Power stations and solar storage offer many advantages for the operation of electric motors on boats. They are independent, sustainable and versatile. Fishermen benefit from the low-noise and environmentally friendly properties of the electric motors and can extend their fishing time. So if you are looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to power your electric motor on the boat, then power stations and solar storage are the ideal solution.


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