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With our Cash back with hashtag sweepstakes we offer you a very special opportunity and raffle up to 20% discount every month. Simply play along on Facebook 12 months after purchase and, with a bit of luck, win back a discount of up to 20%. The special thing is that you can play up to 12x each month. So let's go, buy a power station, share photos, tell friends and save money.


Buy a power station via POWERBUDE

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Play for 12 months

You have 12x the chance to win back up to 20%.


The competition takes place on Facebook (META). You can play 12x free and win back up to 20% once.


You can play with you immediately after purchase for 12 months and share your positive experiences with your friends.


Share your power station with a photo on Facebook. Add a POWERBUDE marking and hashtag in your post.


With some luck, you can save up to 20% once within 12 months and recover your money.

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With a bit of luck you will be drawn and receive up to 20% cash back

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Are you in? Easy to join and save money

Are you in? Easy to join and save money

Register now for free on Facebook, share your SOUOP power station with the hashtag #powerbude #poweryouup and immediately secure a unique chance of winning up to 20%. The power station from POWERBUDE.euoffers you an independent energy source with a solar panel so that you can use solar energy free of charge.

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Before you can enter our competition, you must read our terms and conditions.

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