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Hey product testers - let's work together

We are looking for product testers for our power stations and solar storage systems. Who, if not you, can best rate our products. Depending on the possibilities, we offer different options for cooperation. Just send us a message via the contact form.

"New Products

Always up-to-date information for the community.


We are a young EU importer from Austria.

Outstanding product quality

SOUOP power stations are impressive.

Attractive conditions

Top price/performance ratio for partners and customers


We are happy to provide power stations and solar panels at top conditions. If the success prevails, the system is yours!

We expect

Recognize the advantages and features of our products and communicate in your blog or social media. We support you where we can.

affiliate program

Connect your product tests with affiliate links and benefit from up to 10% commission. The average sales value is 750€.

Product tester searched! Your opinion is important to us.

Product tester searched! Your opinion is important to us.

Our product testers find out what really matters. Are you familiar with electrical engineering? Have you held other power stations in your hands and do you like to communicate your opinion publicly? Then feel free to contact us and let's find out together what the power stations from SOUOP are really capable of.

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