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Trolley for power station / trolley

Item number: roll-2400


SOUOP trolley is suitable for all battery storage below 2400W. Easy to move, very convenient for a mobile power needs and transportation.

✔ Designed for SOUOP portable power stations
✔ Stable, smooth and light
✔ With telescopic handle and space-saving
✔ Large wheels for easy transport

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Electricity: mobile, clean, independent

Make your power station mobile with our practical trolley! Thanks to the trolley, you can easily pull your power station behind you without having to carry it. Sturdy and durable, our trolley comes with handy features like a
Folding mechanism for easy transport and a stand for safe storage. Transform your power station into a fully-fledged mobile power station and order your trolley from us now!

✔ Foldable design
✔ easy to carry
✔ Weight only 3.9 kg
✔ Suitable for all SOUOP power stations

Manufacturer SOUOP
Compatible 2400/1800/1200/600
Weight 3.9kg

Trolly for SOUOP Powerstation

1 * Trolley
1 * User Manual

ISO 9001:2008

Trolley for power station / trolley

The trolley has large wheels that can easily roll over gravel. Additionally, the trolley features a retractable handle with quick one-hand button operation.

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