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Transport bag for S1800

Item number: CCB-1800


The carrying case was specially developed for the SOUOP 1800 power station. Protect the power station in all directions with a robust carrying case.

✔ Carrying bag with insulation
✔ Robust and waterproof
✔ Durable with padded inner lining

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Electricity: mobile, clean, independent

With a transport bag for your power station, you can transport it safely and conveniently on the go. Our bags are robust and durable, so you will be able to enjoy your power station for a long time. They are also equipped with practical pockets and compartments to keep all cables and accessories safe. Complete your power station setup now and order a transport bag from us!

✔ Insulation
✔ Firmness
✔ robust and waterproof outer material
✔ Padded inner lining to keep your stream away from dust, moisture, scratches and cushioning.

Dimension (package) 420*280*100mm
Dimension (product) 400*270*350mm
Net weight 1.5 kg
Fits 1800W portable power station

Carrying Case SOUOP 1800

1 * SOUOP Carrying Case 1800
1 * User Manual

ISO 9001:2008

SOUOP transport bag for 1800

The carrying case was specially developed for the 1800 W SOUOP power station. Protect your power station in all directions with a durable carrying case. This is how you achieve a longer service life with wearing comfort.

wearing comfort

This handbag has reinforced and widened handles and shoulder straps, making it more comfortable to carry.

Always and everywhere

You can easily take the portable power station outside of your home.

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